Reviewing the week that wasn't written

I’m back.

As I detailed on Twitter this morning, in my 9-to-5, I am currently in a hard push to launch a new business and crypto website. So, I had to park this project for a week, but with the TFC season now just a day away, it’s time to buckle up and push into the season.

A bit of housekeeping, after giving it some thought I am going to add a pay tier to the site. Subscribing to the paid tier will allow you to access my MLS preview, as well as other long form articles I write this year (Gold Cup, the Olympic tournament and the final round of WCQ previews, as well as a few other pieces to average one a month). I will provide an option for people to buy the previews individually as well. In terms of pricing, I’m open to feedback on what a fair monthly rate is, but individually I’m going to charge $10 for each.

Those who wish to not pay will still get 5x a week posts, unless my work prevents me from hitting the goal. I will let you know when that’s happening on my Twitter @24thminute.

As for a topic today, let’s have a brief look at a bunch of stuff that I missed last week. A paragraph for each day:

Monday: Sober Second Thoughts: Tokyo unbound:  It’s a bit late to get into the Olympic Qualifying failure too deeply. Much of what has already been said about it holds up and I don’t have much more to add.

Overall, the Canadian u23s performed…ok. There was nothing that jumped out at you to make you go WHOA!, but there also wasn’t much to get upset at. Mexico is better than Canada still. Hardly breaking news. At least we’re not the U.S. and eating ourselves alive right now (more on that later).  

Tuesday’s are for Europe: The Swiss are a problem: There’s something about international breaks that brings out the worst in European football’s deep thinkers. A look at the suggested format change for the Champions League came our way early last week.

And it was great! If you like a bloated schedule with more dead rubbers serving no purpose other than to squeeze more money out of the Asian TV markets.

Seriously, it’s terrible. Probably going to happen though.

Wednesday: Jozy said what? Last week’s Twitter war between Jozy Altidore and Taylor Twellman would have made for fantastic copy. What were they fighting over, exactly?

Well, that’s more difficult to ascertain. Hidden in Jozy’s lashing out were some good points about POC representation in sports media and how players of colour are often covered differently by media. His delivery, however, was lacking. To the nuance-deprived (so, 90% of the U.S. currently) Jozy was just mad at Twellman for demanding results from the US men’s u23 team. It didn’t help that he called him a “white boy,” either.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s within his rights to call him such, but you’re never getting heard by those that need to hear once you go down that path. Is that a double standard? Absolutely. Which is why a POC should never be told not to do it.

It’s an ineffective communication strategy though.

Thursday: I’m not a homer, but…: After seeing the fifth straight season prediction that had TFC in, like, 7th I would have lost my mind.

People. They finished second overall last year. Are there questions? Of course. They are a MLS team.

But, 7th?

Can I have a toke when you’re done?

Friday: It’s fine. The third wave of the pandemic has dominated my brain since we went into lockdown (or mockdown, as many are calling it) No 3.  Friday was the eve of the move back and I would have been eager to give myself a pep talk by sharing the pathway back to stadiums for MLS and CanPL teams.

I do see one. I think the plan to have CanPL up and running by Victoria Day weekend is a tad ambitious since the teams can’t yet train in most of Canada, but a Canada Day start?

Yeah, I think we see that. Based on vaccine roll out, I think the boarder re-opens around then too.

So, you can buy me a beer at BMO Field on…July 17 vs Orlando. Book it.

And, by book it, I mean your vaccine shot as soon as you can.

Thus ends my look back at the week I would have written. We’ll be back every day again starting tomorrow. Going to publish mid-day for now, as it fits my 9-to-5 writing needs better.

Finally, in honour of my friend and It’s Called Football colleague Ben Knight, who is recovering from successful heart surgery…