What is The 24th Minute?

Here's what to expect

Originally, The 24th Minute was a Toronto FC blog. It was launched in 2008, in just the second season of TFC’s existence and TFC was its main focus.

However, it quickly evolved into something more. Starting with the Canadian national teams, the focus of The 24th Minute became a source of news for all Canadian soccer, including other club teams in the country.

Then, the blog started to get noticed in the then thriving MLS blogosphere (Seattle blog Sounder at Heart was the first non-Canadian blog to link me. Little did I know then just how connected Seattle and TFC would become in MLS!).

My little TFC blog was suddenly a TFC/Canada/MLS blog. It remained just that throughout its three year run. Highlights during that time included being the first news source to report that the Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers had been awarded MLS expansion teams, as well as numerous player signings.

Eventually, the blog re-branded to Canadian Soccer News , which I ran for several years. Eventually, podcasting (and other, non-soccer work) took over my time and I felt it was time for other writers to take over at CSN.

So, why now, you might ask? No reason. I just missed it and I especially missed the brand of The 24th Minute.

In terms of what to expect…well, more of the same. It will be a blog that writes about the world of football from the perspective of someone living in Toronto, Canada. However, I’m also 12 years older than when I started the original blog, so I have 12 more years of experience and contacts to lean on.

Expect a lot of TFC, Montreal, Vancouver news (likely in that order of priority), as well as Canadian men’s and women’s musings. That will be the same now as it was then. However, you’ll see a lot more MLS and global writing this time around and, of course, I have a whole other league to report on, the Canadian Premier League.

As the tagline of SoccerToday says, it’s the world of football from a soccer perspective — same as it always was!

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